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Local specialities

example1  MAURIN CHERRY (16%, 100cl)

The MAURIN is a slightly sweet wine-based drink flavoured with small black and sour cherry.
Enjoy as an aperitif, slightly chilled, with small cocktail cherries and in cocktails using guignolet or cherry liqueur.
Created in 1884 in Le Puy-en-Velay, it is also famouys through the well known vintage poster "Green Devil" designed in 1906 by poster artist Leon Cappiello.


Flavoured Wine (11%, 70cl)

A pleasant flavor of lemon verbena with delicious citrus notes.
A very refreshing fortified flavored wine.Its alcohol content,
11%, makes it an ideal aperitif.


example1  BLUEBERRY LIQUEUR (15%, 70cl)

A great intensity of fruit in both nose and mouth ! Enjoy as a stopping over sorbets.


CHESTNUT LIQUEUR (18%, 70cl / 100cl)

A very smooth liqueur, with hints of brown sugar and vanilla ice.
Enjoy it as a kir with white wine, still or sparkling.
Delicious with cream and Cognac as an Alexandra.
Excellent as a topping over chocolate or vanilla or coffee ice cream.



 CHESTNUT LIQUEUR (18%, 70/50cl)

A sweet and tasty liqueur with  delicious chestnut candied notes and a vanilla finish. Wonderful for Alexandra chestnut cocktails and as topping over ice cream.



Gentian is a wild plant from the volcanic mountains of Central Massif. Traditionnally the roots are used to produce a liqueur that is bitter and fruity.
Enjoy it on ice, neat or sweeter with tonic or crème de cassis.




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